Security Services

CVT Security - Perimeter Scan

In today’s society, security has become a vital concern for all. and is integrated in day-to-day activities. We are constantly monitored while driving, parking, eating, shopping, and virtually all other activities.

For businesses, security is critical to all aspects of operations.

Traditional security measures are no longer sufficient to provide comprehensive security.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) dramatically improve the overall security, providing solutions to address limitations of traditional security methods. The use of drones helps provide comprehensive security.

UAV Advantages

 UAV systems provide easier, faster, and cheaper methods of security & surveillance.

  • Night vision
  • Thermal sensors
  • Provide precision aerial footage, undetectable by the human eye
  • Minimal equipment required
  • Minimal requirements of storage and operating space
  • Captured footage can be:
    • reviewed and analyzed by experts
    • used as evidence


Commercial Sites

Provide business owners  with enhanced security services.

  • Corporate Campus Surveying
  • Parking lot coverage
  • Rooftop surveillance
  • Perimeter guard
  • Facility inspections


Residential Sites

Provide residents increased peace of mind.

  • Minimally invasive – does not interfere with residents.
  • Flight sensitivity – operate at heights not noticeable to residents
  • Minimal drone noise
  • Unprecedented image and capture quality.