CVT Smart City Voice & Internet Services

Metro Ethernet, VoIP Services & Products, IoT, Networking, Wireless Broadband, Private IP, Dedicated Access (T-1 to 10 Gigabit)
Includes 100% Reliability, 24/7 monitoring, and 24/7 technical support
Streamline operations with multiprotocol label switching (MPLS)
PBX Services (leasing options available)
Network Planning
Infrastructure Service
Virtual Communications Express

Smart City Products

Optimum-Speed Dedicated Internet Access, IoT, Public Safety UAV/Drones
Private IP Service MVPN, Dynamic Network Manager
World-Class SLA’s include End-to-end circuit availability, TTR, PDR, MOS, and Service Installation

*Turn up newly acquired business locations quickly. In less than 10 business days from the order verification call, CVT can get your service up and running.  Beat your competition with fast remote office site turn-ups with CVT’s Dedicated SmartCity Express! 

UAV Education and Certification Classes

CVT specialized degrees addresses multiple academic disciplines, including unmanned systems engineering, project management, and small UAV construction. UAV Systems Engineering is a big-picture view that considers every aspect of a UAV project

UAV & Drone Sales:

CVT offers a complete comprehensive lineup of UAV Solutions, Products, and Manufacturers meeting today’s applications, including Mapping, UAV Video Systems, and Smart Cities. CVT offers our partners the most comprehensive lineup of Commercial & Public Safety UAV manufacturers at the greatest value.

CVT Hardware Solutions

    Enterprise and Industrial Classes.  The largest selection fitting all application requirements.

    • 3DR    • AEE  • AeroFlight   • Aerialtronics   • AgroWing• Amimon• AutoDesk   • BlueVigil  • Christie  • DGL Group  • DJI  • ESRI• FLIR •FlyMotion   • FreeFly   • Ikegama  • Mustang AV  • SmartC2• Trackimo    • UA Solutions Group  • UVU   • VideoBank   • Vidyo, Inc.• Walkera    • Xcraft  • Xfly  • Xfold
  • Enclosures
    Aesthetically-pleasing and concealed networking solutions for both outdoor and indoor environments.  Supporting all major manufacturers.

CVT UAV LineCard
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