Chimney Inspections



                                Exterior Chimney Inspections

                      Commercial & Residential Inspections


  • Cost effective and Safe
  • Outstanding Digital Detail – Video Footage & Photographs




Maintenance & Prevention:

  • Periodic (yearly) inspections – early detection of minor damage can prevent requirement of major, costly repairs. 
  • Changes to the system – recommended when changes are made to your systems such as changes in the fuel type, adding or replacing a new appliance.  
  • Prevent chimney fires – the majority of chimney fires occur due to not having a chimney inspection done on a regular basis by a trained professional.


  • Incident inspections – recommended after any malfunction and/or maintenance has occurred.
  • Natural events – in the case of any type of potential damage caused by: lighting strike, earthquake, fallen tree, etc.
  • Property Sales or Transfers of ownership.


 CVT’s aerial drone detailed video and photographic inspections enhance and facilitate the chimney inspection process, saving you time and money.