About Us



Mission Statement

Caves Valley Technologies (CVT) is dedicated to the global advancement of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) utilization as a more effective and efficient alternative in a broad spectrum of day-to-day activities conducted by governments agencies, organizations, and individuals.


CVT provides professional drone training and services to individuals, organizations and government entities. Our specialized training programs address multiple academic disciplines, including unmanned systems engineering, project management, and small UAV construction.

For individuals interested in pursuing a career in the UAV industry, we offer a wide array of training programs, for all levels of interests Our programs range from a 4-hour introductory training session to collegiate degree programs.

For organizations and government entities, we provide specialized training programs to fulfill your drone related needs, as well as prepare individuals to pass the FAA 107 Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) exam, which is required for any individual to conduct any UAV operations for commercial use.

CVT also performs the services that we provide training about. If your organization is interested in outsourcing UAV services, CVT can provide these services for you.

When we surface from the darkness of the past, we realize what is possible in business.

CVT understands our clients and knows how to deal with the most difficult challenges and critical constraints. With deep knowledge, and a strong foundation of core and proven innovative technologies, Caves Valley Technologies understands that optimizing your growth is our greatest focus.

Caves Valley Technologies’ greatest assets are our long-term strategic partners and team members. The Team at CVT has been forged by our vision to drive new innovations, thought leadership, and maximizing operational efficiency and optimization for our customers.